Good News!

We are opening the workshop for bicycle adoptions again, and we will be open Thursday’s 5pm-8pm and Saturday’s from 9am-noon! We will be open starting this Saturday, June 13th. Of course, things will be different. The major changes are as follows:

  1. We will not be allowing people to come into the shop to work on bikes for now.
  2. As a result, adoptees are no longer required to work in the shop to get a bike.  Simply show up and pick a bike that is ready to go.
  3. We will be allowing only one person per Bikeatoga staff member or one person and child or vital assistant (like a translator).  So, if you come with more than one child, be sure to have someone with you to watch your other children while you are selecting a bike for one child.
  4. You may be waiting outside for your turn to be called in to register and select a bike.  Be prepared for the weather and please maintain social distancing.
  5. We insist that no one testing positive for COVID-19, with symptoms of COVID-19 or having recent close contact with someone with COVID-19 does not attempt to adopt a bike.
  6. We will require a mask and suggest gloves.  Both of those and hand sanitizer will be available when you check-in.
  7. We will be following the NYS Dept of Health guidelines as much as possible.

We are working to get as many bikes as possible ready, but we cannot guarantee we will have something for you. If nothing is available at the time, we will attempt to find and prepare a bike for the next adoption day.

If you need help with your own bicycle, please contact us via our phone number or email. We have hours where mechanics will be working.If we can schedule a time to see you one of those days, we will do our best to help you.

If you are looking to donate a bike to us, we ask that only working adult bikes be brought in now. We are very full right now and don’t have the room. Once we get some bikes adopted, we will accept non-working bikes. If you could please refrain from bringing in anything that is excessively old or rusty that helps us.Unfortunately, we can’t save every bike. Please call or email us to schedule a time for drop-off.

If you are interested in volunteering to help with reception and adoption assistants on our Adoption Days on Thursday’s and Saturday’s. Sign up on our Sign Up Genius >>> 

If you would like to volunteer to work on bicycles for adoptions, on Tuesday’s or Thursday’s, please sign up on this Sign Up Genius >>> 

Please be patient and be safe!