With the horses moving out of Saratoga Springs, so will much of the traffic.  With it will come more local residents hopping on bikes, more Skidmore students biking downtown and local residents trying out the CDPHP bike share for the first time.  The weather is changing as well as the Saratoga culture as it pertains to biking.  Saratoga’s Chamber of Commerce has become a proponent of biking as a perk for the local economy and the City Council has been recently been voting in favor of more trails and accommodations for those who are out getting a workout or moving from point A to B on two wheels.

And there is more, Bicycle Benefits, the program that organizes discounts at area businesses, has recently put on a game for people looking to bike more and explore Saratoga in a new way.  Saratoga Bike Bingo began last week and runs until October 31.  Just like the game of bingo, you get stamps, work for 5 in a row and win prizes when you get bingo.  The only difference, you gotta ride your bike to get your stamps.  Area businesses and locations are where you need to ride to if you are looking to get your card stamped and also the locations that are providing the prizes.  You don’t get bonus points for the number of beads of sweat that happen to be on your brow but you DO need to show up on your bike, sorry, motorcycles don’t count.

If you have a bike and and it’s been feeling lonely then Saratoga Bike Bingo is a great opportunity to get it (and yourself) going again. If you are feeling ambitious and sporty, then try to fill out the full card (or “blackout” as they call it in bingo halls).  If you’ve never ridden to Ballston Spa, North to Glens Falls or South to the Fish Creek Marina then this may be your chance to ride farther then ever before.  The prizes are amazing and include gift cards, candy, ice cream, and many more goodies generously donated by area businesses.  The cards only cost $2 each and are available at the Wed. & Sat. Saratoga Farmer’s Market or any day at Saratoga Coffee Traders, Impressions of Saratoga, Four Seasons Natural Foods, Saratoga Downtowner, Bikeatoga, Kayak Shak, Plum Dandy, Rock Hill Bakehouse, Saratoga Botanicals,  Saratoga Sweets Candy Co., Henry Street Taproom, Country Corner Cafe, Humpty Dumpty Ice Cream, Roma Foods, Allerdice Hardware, The Alpine Sport Shop, KRAVERIE, Hewitt’s Garden Center, Spa City Bicycleworks, Mexican Connection and Celtic Treasures.  You can spend $50 month on a monthly gym membership or you can explore your own city, win prizes and get a workout all at the same time for only $2.

No reason to wait. Time to play Saratoga Bike Bingo!