UPDATE FROM JANUARY 5, 2021: Given thoughtful feedback from folks, we have addressed a few edits to the current bylaws revisions. Please review the bylaws and the respective revisions at this link to Google Docs. If you have any issues accessing this file, please email info@bikeatoga.org.


After a year of ongoing conversations about how to strategically grow Bikeatoga’s community of volunteers and members, we have proposed a new definition and vision of membership in our Bikeatoga Bylaws.

The proposed membership policy identifies General Membership and Business Partnerships, which run January 1 to December 31. The proposed General Membership requires three items, including a yearly annual fee of $12.00 yearly (or family fee is $25); attend at least 2 of the monthly meetings yearly; and contribute at least 2 hours of volunteer time to Bikeatoga events, advocacy work or other activities yearly. Any officer of the membership chairperson can validate these volunteer hours. Alternatively to the three-part paid membership, any volunteer may instead work 6 hours annually at the Bikeatoga Workshop. The Bikeatoga Workshop Committee Chair will be responsible for tracking these volunteer hours. The bylaws update also addresses costs and benefits in full detail.

If these bylaws pass, we will initiate the membership program starting January 1, 2021. Given our current proposal, we anticipate posting a digital membership-intent form on our webpage, bikeatoga.org.

Bikeatoga Board Member elections will take place this January, as they do every two years, and we will be operating under the current membership voting rules (NOT the proposed Dec 2020 membership rules), so any current member is permitted to vote.

We will be voting on these bylaws changes at our meeting on Monday, December 14, and we are putting a call out to Bikeatoga folks of past, present, and future for feedback. Please email comments to info@bikeatoga.org or RSVP to stop by our meeting.