To increase our membership, we have adopted new additions to the bylaws to make membership more accessible to all members of the community. In doing so, we hope to increase involvement with Bikeatoga and elevate our voice within the community.

These 2 changes are:
1. To section 3 on membership: removing mandatory meetings as a membership requirement and placing required cash and hour requirements into the Membership Policy to ensure flexibility in the future. This change is to guarantee easy access to membership and ease the financial burden. Moving the cash and hour requirements to the Membership Policy gives the Membership Committee the flexibility to make annual changes without changes to the bylaws, which should remain relatively static. (Image 1)
2. To section 4 on meetings of the membership: changing the voting requirements to make sure that voting members have attended 2 meeting in the last year. We are doing this to ensure that all voting members are informed on Bikeatoga’s topics and issues. (Image 2)

Complete text changes noted below. New proposed by laws linked here. 

Image 1:

Image 2: