This “OURstory Treasure Hunt” is a project from our local non-profit friends from MLK Saratoga. This Treasure Hunt which begins to uncover and explore Saratoga Springs’ history of our People of Color … real stories with real impact on who we all are today! So, why a Treasure Hunt? Because we have so much to learn and appreciate about the many hidden *treasures — right here — that history has ignored, forgotten, or simply white-washed. And why “OURstory”? Because we cannot truly know ourselves and how we have arrived where we are today until we re-weave the very fabric of OUR shared story — a much more color-full, vibrant and extraordinary tapestry of Humanity than our history books, classrooms, and memories have represented over the centuries.

This Treasure Hunt includes 10 sites around Saratoga Springs. Visit the Treasure Hunt website for the map and hints. It may be convenient to print out the map and hints, fill out your guesses with a pen or pencil, ride/walk around to the sites using the map below, and review your correct answers at the “Treasure Answers” webpage.

This route is bikeable or walkable! See the Google Maps route below to hit every stop on the Treasure Hunt. If you have technical difficulties with the map, first try viewing the map in an “incognito window” or sign in to a Google account that is compatible with maps. There is also a screenshot of the map below for reference.

You may be wondering how long this scavenger hunt will take. It’s helpful to take 20 minutes to review the Treasure Hunt map and hints, making guesses and jotting down ideas. The route below is about 3.8 miles, so folks may spend another 30-60 minutes biking to sites or 80-150 minutes walking to each site.

8.5×11″ printable version of Google Map below. To print, you can right click this image and select print, or copy/paste this image into Microsoft Word and print.