Thank you to the many diligent Bikeatogians who worked to craft a thoughtful new set of bylaws for our organization. We will be holding a Meeting of the Membership on May 17th at 7pm to vote on the bylaws, we’ll close the meeting, and then we’ll transition to our regularly scheduled programming for the May Board Meeting. All meeting attendees from March to April will get an email with Zoom link, agenda, and meeting details. Others are encourage to email for meeting details.

The most notable bylaw updates include the definition of membership (section 3), the addition of a Membership Director to the Board of Directors (section 6), rejuvenated member committees (section 7), and revised dates for elections to follow the federal election cycle (section 8). The last iteration of bylaws was passed in October of 2019 and is available below, and the complete proposed bylaws for May 2021 is also linked below.

Bylaws 10-12-19

Proposed Bylaws May 2021

Please email with any questions or concerns.