Given increased pedestrian and cyclist activity in Saratoga Springs amidst the COVID-19 crisis, we as Bikeatoga Inc. issued a formal letter urging the City of Saratoga Springs post reminders of Vehicle and Traffic Laws (VTLs). We want to ensure our residents are smart, safe and informed while out and about.

In the letter, addressed to City Council members, it was stated:

“Bikeatoga represents the bicycle and pedestrian interests in and around Saratoga Springs. With more citizens on foot and bicycle due to the current COVID-19 Pandemic, several people have approached Bikeatoga to advocate for safer travels in and around Saratoga Springs. We feel it is important for everyone in the community to be informed of local and state laws regarding bicycle and pedestrian safe travel, along with guidelines to promote everyone’s safety.

We would like to ask the City of Saratoga Springs to consider posting some of the most important “Rules of the Road” as a Public Service Announcement on the City Website along with the daily Covid-19 Update. Such a service would enable all users of our streets to be more informed; in order to act respectfully, thoughtfully and; most importantly; safely.

If it is necessary to have this proposal approved by the City Council, could this be put on an upcoming Agenda, or could it be brought up as public comment for April 21, 2020?”

Review the full letter here:

BIKEATOGA Proposal For City Officials & Website Pages