Bikeatoga is announcing a new partnership with OurStreets,  a smart phone app that empowers cyclists and pedestrians to report disruptions to cycling and pedestrian infrastructure.  The main feature set of the application allows users to report problems such as aggressive drivers and obstructed bike lanes.  This helps advocates at the local (e.g. Bikeatoga) and federal (e.g. the League of American Bicyclists) levels advocate for better bike safety, by providing valuable insights into what hazards cyclists and pedestrians are facing.

With the rapidly changing needs of the COVID-19 crisis, OurStreets just launched a new feature “OurSupplies” to help flatten the curve. OurStreets Supplies is an intuitive reporting tool that gives users the power to track and report essential supplies at neighborhood stores, making shopping trips more efficient, all while minimizing potential exposure, and maximizing physical distancing.

“We’re excited to share this new app function to help people stay safe and healthy during this public health crisis,” says OurStreets CEO Mark Sussman. “Together, we can make it easier and safer for our communities to get the essential goods they need.”

Local supplies can now be checked online, outside of the application.

How Shoppers, Pedestrians, and Cyclists can Help Out:

  1. Download the OurStreets App.
  2. Report available supplies on your next shopping trip.
  3. Submit Feedback to the OurStreets team at